The Center announces a new program designed to communicate vital COVID-19 policies and procedures between the region's employers and Limited English Proficient (LEP) employees. Multi-lingual NYS Trained Contact Tracer Caseworkers will work with your organization to ensure that employees are communicated within their native language and observing employer & health department policies and procedures. 

Program Highlights

  • Shape Created with Sketch. Culturally appropriate, professional COVID-19 contact tracing within LEP community
  • Shape Created with Sketch. Linguist appropriate staff to contact, via phone, LEP employees with questions about the current state of COVID-19 policies and procedures.
  • Shape Created with Sketch. Specific Competency with Arabic, Burmese, Karen, Russian & Spanish language groups
  • Shape Created with Sketch. Communication between our linguist staff and your HR department on a shared tracking system, such as Google Sheets, for streamline organization and communication in real time.
  • Shape Created with Sketch. Zip file of Translated COVID19 documents to distribute and post within the workplace
  • Shape Created with Sketch. The Center’s program aims to lessen the multi-lingual challenges placed upon Human Resource departments within local businesses that employ members of the Mohawk Valley’s Refugee and Immigrant Community.

Key Contact Information


  • The complexity of COVID-19 procedures and policies for the employer, local, and state-level present challenges for non-native English speakers that work within our region. Communicating in multiple languages can be challenging and language assistance is needed to support the workforce.

  • The Center, positioned in the heart of the Refugee and Immigrant community in the Mohawk Valley for 40 years has trained caseworkers, covering the major languages of the region. Our Bi-lingual caseworkers are NYS 6-hour Contact Tracing course certified. They will work with your HR department and the employees directly.

  • This program aims to increase communication and education around COVID-19 polices for local employers and their employees within the Refugee and Immigrant community. The Center strives to slow the spread of COVID-19 by ensuring employees know when to return back to work, how to get tested, seek treatment,  and how to keep their families safe.

  • The Center and Employer join a discovery call to identify current challenges around COVID-19 and creates a custom made program. Utilizing, NYS Trained Contact Trained Caseworkers that are bi-lingual in the languages needed to communicate with the employees, communication, and educational materials are delivered via phone. To help equip the Employees facility with multi-lingual signage designed to communicate COVID-19 policies and procedures, tone translates is able to translate documents in many languages as a fee for service. Employers also have access to The Center’s default COVID-19 multi-lingual library

  • The Center provides the main languages of the community (Arabic, Bosnian, Burmese, Karen, Russian, Spanish, Vietnamese, Kinyarwanda, Nepali, Somali, Swahili) and addition upon demand. 

  • As a fee-for-service program, The Center will work with each Employer to establish a package of services to support the organizational needs. Hourly rates are available for telephonic services. Download our pricing sheet here

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