New American Cities aim to create inclusive communities that welcome refugees and immigrants, not only to offer protection but also embrace their potential contributions and long term economic integration. Refugees and immigrants will be eligible for longer-term career support to enable long term success.

Program Highlights

  • Shape Created with Sketch. Provide individualized career navigation
  • Shape Created with Sketch. Build pathways to existing workforce and financial systems
  • Shape Created with Sketch. Creating a Community of Champions and Coalitions

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New American Cities are achieved through:

  1. Individualized career navigation services for refugees/immigrants who have been here less than 20 years
  2. The creation of pathways to address systemic barriers to mainstream trainings and advancement
  3. Coalition and champions of key city leaders who will facilitate system and narrative changes about refugees at the workplace and in neighborhoods.



    • Become a professional mentor
    • Become part of the “Coalition of Champions”
    • Donate to help fund training for enrolled clients
    • Advocate
  • The NAC program provides individualized career navigation to refugees and immigrants by: 

    • Individualized career development plans
    • facilitate career exploration and education
    • Match with professional mentors
    • Bridge skills training through partnerships
    • facilitate job readiness workshops
    • Enable job placement
    • Create connections with mainstream workforce development
    • Ensure access for refugees/immigrants encouraging agencies to take and improve on diversity, equity, and inclusion assessments.
    • Research Labor Markets
    • Work with Employers
    • Build relationships with financial institutions.
  • Pathway builders will identify and train existing and potential community champions who can help foster relations in refugees’ neighborhoods, workplaces, and institutions.


    Community Champions include faith leaders, neighborhood association leaders, educational figures, who will create inclusive spaces with opportunities for connection through informal initiatives like workshops and celebrations to identify and advocate for broader systemic and policy initiatives within the city.

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