Executive Director

  • Shelly Callahan

    Shelly Callahan

    Executive Director

Officers and Board

  • Ibrahim Rosic

    Board President
    Director, Mohawk Valley Community College Learning Center
  • Ellen Percy Kraly

    Board Vice President
    Professor of Geography and Environmental Studies, Colgate University
  • Anita Mohr

    Board Secretary
    Pastor, Our Saviour Lutheran Church
  • John Howard

    Board Treasurer
    Partner, Barone, Howard, & Co., CPAs, PC
  • Jennifer Boulanger

    Retired, Dean of the Center for Language and Learning Design at MVCC
  • Mark Caruana

    Interim Pastor, Westminster Moriah Olivet Presbyterian Church
  • Bruce Daniels

    Attorney, Bruce F. Daniels, P.C.
  • Robert W. Dicks, Jr.

    Retired, General Auditor, Utica National Insurance
  • Tracey Hansel

    Physician, Mohawk Valley Health Systems
  • Christopher Kalil

    Attorney, Law Office of Christopher J. Kalil
  • Stephen Lockwood

    Attorney, Stephen L. Lockwood, P.C.
  • Todd Marshall

    Adjunct Faculty and Full-time Instructor
    MVCC Chief Equity and Inclusion Officer

Our Staff

  • Tracy Davis

    Tracy Davis

    Chief Operating Officer
  • Abdelshakour Khamis

    Abdelshakour Khamis

    Management Information Systems Coordinator
  • Alesia Baranava

    Alesia Baranava

    Office for New Americans Opportunity Center | Project Coordinator
  • Ashley Bustos

    Ashley Bustos

    Career Pathway Builder | New American Cities Program
  • Azira Tabucic

    Azira Tabucic

    Manager, Immigration & Citizenship
  • Chantal Brundage

    Chantal Brundage

    Executive Assistant
  • Dan Vellone

    Dan Vellone

    Office for New Americans | Professional Pathways Program | Job Coach
  • Doe Kpaw So Paw

    Doe Kpaw So Paw

    Outreach Coordinator, Traffic Safety
  • Dzevad Racic

    Dzevad Racic

    Director, Refugee Resettlement
  • Emily Hansen

    Emily Hansen

    Opportunity & Entrepreneurship Coordinator
  • Qinji (Ginger) Allen

    Qinji (Ginger) Allen

    Manager, Compass Interpreters
  • Hassan Gracanin

    Hassan Gracanin

    Caseworker, Refugee Resettlement
  • Islam Mohamed

    Islam Mohamed

    Health Access Coordinator
    Monday - Wednesday - Friday
    8:00 AM - 4:00 PM
  • Jayson Z. Win

    Jayson Z. Win

    Caseworker, Refugee Resettlement
  • Jennifer VanWagoner

    Jennifer VanWagoner

    Manager of Grants & Community Engagement
  • Kathleen DeLacy

    Kathleen DeLacy

    Office For New Americans | Immigrant Community Navigator
  • Kpaw Lay

    Kpaw Lay

  • Kyi Kyi Min

    Kyi Kyi Min

    Translation Coordinator, tone
  • Lisanne Divine

    Lisanne Divine

    Traffic Safety Coordinator
  • Maribel Morales

    Maribel Morales

    Project Coordinator, COVID Community Navigator Program
  • Nurhayati Kadhim

    Nurhayati Kadhim

    Scheduler, Compass Interpreters
  • Pavel Brutsky

    Pavel Brutsky

    Caseworker, Refugee Resettlement
  • Rochelle Crouch

    Rochelle Crouch

    Making A Connection (MAC) Project Coordinator
  • Sain Po La

    Sain Po La

    Specialist, Employment and Workforce Development
  • Shana Pughe Dean

    Shana Pughe Dean

    Manager, Translation & Training
  • Snow Steel

    Snow Steel

    Career Navigator | New American Cities Program
  • Tatjana Kulalic

    Tatjana Kulalic

    Coordinator, Immigration & Citizenship
  • Yamna Abdalla

    Yamna Abdalla

    Caseworker, Refugee Resettlement
  • Zaid Erzaij

    Zaid Erzaij

    Manager, Employment and Workforce Development
  • Zenna Monaghan

    Zenna Monaghan

    Finance Manager
  • Marutte Hecht

    Marutte Hecht

    ONA Opportunity Center - ESOL Instructor
  • Dona Kishimoto

    Dona Kishimoto

    ESL - MVCC
  • Matthew Handzel

    Matthew Handzel