The employment department at The Center builds our community by connecting employers with skilled employees. Our culturally and linguistically appropriate staff assist all newcomers to prepare you for a career that meets you and your family’s needs. Education and training opportunities are offered prior to job placement to increase employer satisfaction and employee retention.

Program Highlights

  • Shape Created with Sketch. Relationships with over 80 employers
  • Shape Created with Sketch. 90% retention rate (higher than similar job placement agencies)
  • Shape Created with Sketch. Over 300 placements a year
  • Shape Created with Sketch. Education and training opportunities to become more employable
  • Shape Created with Sketch. Employer support for placements
  • Shape Created with Sketch. Training services for clients and employers

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Mukti Portrait

Mukti Rijal

Thankful for a sense of welcome, a 
former refugee pays It forward.

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Enock Makoma

Valuing education and pursing civil engineering.

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  • Refugees, immigrants, secondary migrants, limited English proficient individuals, and other newcomers to the Mohawk Valley region.

  • Job search assistance, application assistance, pre-employment screening, and work skills classes that teach employment skills in the United States, including:

    • Computer/keyboarding
    • English classes
    • Resume writing
    • Interview skills

    The Center also offers other employment services residents can take advantage of:

    • Access to a refugee employment specialist for individual help
    • Job retention services, language support
    • Community resource referral for further support
    • Unemployment assistance
    • Post-employment support
  • Job seekers can attend any of the classes we offer, including English classes, computer skills such as keyboarding, OSHA safety 101, resume writing, interview preparation, and expectations in the workplace.

  • We offer fee-based training tailored to your company’s following needs:

    • Safety training
    • Human resource information
    • Sexual harassment training
    • Nondiscrimination material or other needs to accommodate English language learners and newcomers to the United States

    We provide language support for the training to ensure all employees have culturally and linguistically appropriate service. We also provide cultural awareness training for leadership teams, hourly workers, and human resource departments customized to fit your needs.

  • Refugees are legally allowed to work the day they enter the United States. A main focus of the Refugee Resettlement Program at The Center is for refugees to gain and maintain employment to become independent and self-sufficient.

  • Yes! We can help anyone who walks through our doors.

  • Employment is part of the United States Refugee Resettlement Program that we offer at The Center. All those able to work should find and keep employment.

  • We placed 345 people in jobs in 2018.

  • We pre-screen interested applicants to determine who would be the best fit for your organization. We will keep in contact with you throughout the process to fill your employment needs and provide you with cultural and linguistic support whenever needed.

  • We have a large pool of individuals with various skill sets. If there are specific needs you have, we can do vocational training specific to your workplace environment in order to provide the best trained individuals.

  • We work with a variety of different workplace sectors, including, but not limited to, manufacturing, factories, healthcare, hospitality, and many small local businesses. We will work with any employer to find you the right candidate.

  • Our clients come ready and willing to work. They have a strong work ethic and understand the importance of staying at a job in order to excel.

  • We are easy to work with, personable, and maintain excellent contact even after a job placement has been made. Our employment team is dedicated to helping employers retain workers and keeping our clients happy!

  • We do not charge individuals looking for employment. There are other fees for working with employers, for use of interpretation or translation services, and for individualized training services. Contact us today to learn more if you are interested in any of these services.

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