8 Compass Interpreters Complete Bridging the Gap Medical Interpreters Certification

Join us in welcoming the newest Compass Interpreters certified medical interpreters!
After 4 weekends of rigorous training, our 8 participants all passed the exam and are now Bridging the Gap certified medical interpreters. Join us in congratulating them!
A special round of applause for our Muslim interpreters! The training was during Ramadan, making it more challenging for them. However, they exhibited their dedication to continuous improvement and commitment to growth.

Compass Interpreters provides Bridging the Gap (BTG) medical interpreter training multiple times during the year. Bridging the Gap was the first 40-hour training program of its kind for medical interpreters, created by the Cross Cultural Healthcare Program. Bridging the Gap set the standard on how to best train multilingual individuals to be professional medical interpreters. The Center has offered BTG training through licensed Bridging the Gap trainers for more than 20 years. Current Manager of Compass Interpreters, Qinji Allen, is a licensed BTG Trainer. 
To schedule a spoken language interpreter contact scheduling@compassinterpreters.org or call. 
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