Your support is a commitment to welcome and building community with many cultures. Donations of any amount help The Center to provide essential services and access to the opportunities necessary for refugees, immigrants, and newcomers to engage and contribute to the economy and cultural vibrancy of the city and region.


  • $1,000
    Can give a refugee family of four a safe place to live for two months.
  • $500
    Can fill kitchen cupboards for 4 newly arriving refugee families.
  • $250
    Can provide learning materials for 10 refugee families studying English.
  • $100
    Can help 4 refugee children get ready for their first day of school in the US.
  • $50
    Can provide bus transportation to work for 25 refugees for one day.
  • $25
    Can help provide household linens to a refugee family.

Please contact us if you are interested in donating clothing or furniture. We have capacity for limited items. If we are unable to accept your donation you can view a list of alternative sites below:

View Alternative Donation Sites Document



  • Your gift to the Center is tax deductible*

    It may also be the perfect gift for someone close to you who is interested in international affairs or helping others in need. Make a contribution in their honor and we will send that individual a thank you note informing them of their contribution.

    (*Donations may be eligible for tax deduction when itemizing your return. Consult your financial advisor or a tax professional.)

  • Donate by Check

    If you are interested in helping refugees through your financial gift, please mail your check made payable to The Center to the address below:

    The Center
    201 Bleecker St.
    Utica, NY 13501

    Please specify that your check is a donation. If the donation is a gift, please include the name and address of the person to receive the thank you note. If you have any questions about making a financial contribution, please contact Tracy Davis at 315.738.1083 ext. 110 or email

  • Donate Stocks and Receive a Charity Write-Off

    Make a contribution by providing a direct donation of appreciated securities, such as stocks, bonds, and mutual funds. Please speak with your tax advisor. Please contact Finance Manager, Zenna Monaghan at 315.738.1083 ext. 244 or