Our interpreters provide in-person, accurate, and complete interpretation assignments daily. Our medical interpreters were trained by our licensed trainer and have completed the Cross Cultural Health Care Program’s Bridging the Gap course. We also offer telephonic interpreting and can provide video interpreting as requested. Community education courses, immigration information programs, and other learning opportunities are available for interpreters to continue their education regarding subject matters.

While most appointments are in the Utica area, our interpreters travel throughout New York State to accept assignments. Contact our office if you are located in New York or neighboring states for interpretation assistance.

Program Highlights

  • Shape Created with Sketch. Available 24/7 by calling 315.749.7080
  • Shape Created with Sketch. 40+ languages available
  • Shape Created with Sketch. Trained medical interpreters accredited through the nationally recognized Cross Cultural Health Care Program’s (CCHCP) Bridging the Gap course
  • Shape Created with Sketch. Experienced court interpreters
  • Shape Created with Sketch. In-person availability across New York state
  • Shape Created with Sketch. Telephonic and video interpreting

Key Contact Information

To schedule an interpreter: Call 315.749.7080 / Email: scheduling@compassinterpreters.org

Can you speak another language? Join our interpretation team!

Advantages of working as an interpreter at The Center:

  • Bridging the Gap Medical Interpreter Training available
  • Competitive pay
  • Flexible hours
Jackie Portrait

Jackie Batista

A drive to help and interpret instilled in her.

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Thein Kyaw

Becoming a successful professional through continuous effort.

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Nezir Jasarevic

A strong pillar in the Bosnian community of Utica.

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Enock Makoma

Valuing education and pursing civil engineering.

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  • Interpretation is the conversion of a message uttered in a source language into an equivalent message in the target language so that the intended recipient of the message responds to it as if he or she had heard it in the original one.

  • Our interpreters are skilled language professionals. The majority of our interpreters are former refugees and immigrants.

  • The primary test of a competent interpreter is the accuracy and completeness of the interpretation. Professional interpreters introduce themselves to both the consumer and the service provider. They explain the role they will have in the interaction for a good outcome and set the expectation that they will convey everything “accurately and completely with no additions or deletions, without summarization.”

    • Medical
    • Social Service
    • Home Visits
    • Mental Health
    • Courts
    • Law Enforcement
    • Legal Services
    • Education (e.g. special education, state testing, parent conferences, home visits)
    • Victim Services (e.g. domestic violence)
    • Employer needs (e.g. orientation, training, health insurance enrollment)
  • Transportation: When appropriate, Compass Interpreters may be able to assist clients with transportation by referring them to one of several volunteers who are willing to assist with transporting clients as needed, especially to distances outside of Oneida County.

    Language Identification: As needed, Compass Interpreters staff can also assist with language identification. If necessary our staff can call a client to determine their language. We want to help ensure that the correct language is identified and the correct interpreter requested in an effort to save time and money.

    Cultural Brokering: Compass Interpreters are trained to act as a cultural brokers during interpreting sessions when appropriate or necessary.

  • Yes. ANY organization receiving federal funds (including Medicare and Medicaid) are required by law to provide interpreters.

  • Different states have different standards for interpreters. Some states, such as Oregon, have a “statewide” certification. In New York, there is only a state certification for the court system, and certification is only available in a select number of languages. Medical interpreter certification is available through the International Medical Interpreters Association (IMIA) and the Certification Commission for Healthcare Interpreters (CCHI). CCHI offers a credential for medical interpreters of all languages. This is not a “certification,” but a professional accreditation. University degree programs are also available for interpretation in a select number of languages and will accommodate other languages. For a certification to exist, there must be a written and spoken component that can be graded by qualified professionals. This is the reason why certification does not exist for most languages and is especially more difficult for languages of limited diffusion.

  • Our medical interpreters are trained by our licensed trainer and have completed the Cross Cultural Health Care Program's Bridging the Gap course. Our interpreters have also received special training with the local court system, including presentations from judges.

  • Yes! We offer Bridging the Gap Medical Interpreting, followed by mentoring for anyone interested in becoming an interpreter. Visit the Careers page to learn how to apply or contact us if you are interested in learning more.

  • We specialize in languages of limited diffusion spoken by resettled refugee populations (e.g. Bosnian, Burmese, Karen, Nepali, Maay Maay, Somali, etc.). We also offer more commonly spoken languages such as Arabic, Russian, Spanish, and Swahili. We also have interpreters providing specialized Arabic dialects and spoken-only languages from the Sudan, such as Masalit and Juba Arabic.

  • Compass Interpreters can provide simple agreements or full-length contracts, which outline billing terms.

  • Compass Interpreters does not provide translation of written documents — TONE provides that service. You can contact TONE by email at info@tonetranslate.com or call 315.738.1084.

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