• Cos Portrait

    Cos Mit

    A dream of travel, photography, and storytelling.

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  • Nezir Portrait

    Nezir Jasarevic

    A strong pillar in the Bosnian community of Utica.

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  • Jackie Portrait

    Jackie Batista

    A drive to help and interpret instilled in her.

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  • Enock Portrait

    Enock Makoma

    Valuing education and pursing civil engineering.

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  • Story Trinh Truong

    Trinh Truong

    Seizing opportunity in order to reach success.

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  • Paw Portrait

    Pawsansoe Karen Bree

    A dream of education and giving back.

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  • Mukti Portrait

    Mukti Rijal

    Thankful for a sense of welcome, a 
former refugee pays It forward.

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  • Story Thein Kyaw

    Thein Kyaw

    Becoming a successful professional through continuous effort.

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