Community Event

Vaccine Clinic: COVID-19, Flu and Other Adult & Pediatric Vaccines Available!

26 September 2023
  • Time: 1:00pm - 4:30pm
  • Location:

Come to our next Vaccine Clinic as we partner with the Oneida County Health Department to provide BOTH adult and pediatric (child) vaccines. This is a great opportunity to get flu and covid vaccines for winter AND get children all up to date for school.

The Vaccine Navigator Program at The Center is partnering with the Oneida County Health Department for a vaccine clinic on:

Tuesday, September 26, 2023
406 Elizabeth Street (Oneida County Health Department)
1:00pm - 4:30pm

*No appointment needed.
** Bring your health insurance card.
***The Center will provide $25 Walmart gift cards. 

PDF File of All Translated Languages
(13 Languages Available - Now Including Kinyarwanda, Somali, and Swahili)

عيادة لقاح كوفيد والانفلونزا
Klinika za vakcinu protiv COVID 19

COVID 19 ကာကွယ်ဆေး ဆေးခန်း
کلینیک واکسین کووید/آنفولانزا
COVID 19 တၢ်ဟ့ၣ်ကသံၣ်ဒီသဒၢ
COVID/Ibicurane, hamwe n'izindi nkingo zihabwa abantu bakuru!
د کووید/انفلوانزا واکسین کلینیک
Клиника вакцинации против COVID 19
COVID/ Hargabka, oo lagu daray tallaalada dadka waaweyn ee dheeraadka ah!
Clinica de Vacunación contra el COVID
COVID/ Mafua, pamoja na chanjo za ziada
Клініка з вакцинації від COVID/грипу

The CDC Partnering for Vaccine Equity program at The Center organized the the clinic to administer flu and COVID vaccines, as well as vaccines for other adult disease prevention. Flu and COVID vaccines can be given at the same time. Vaccines will be administered by the Oneida County Health Department

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This event is organized by the CDC Partnering for Vaccine Equity program at The Center. For more information contact Community Navigator Program Coordinator Maribel Morales.