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Where Does the Medicine Go? - Cultural Competency Training for Community Service Provders (Part 2 of 2 )

The Refugee Health Care Partnership is offering Cultural Awareness Training for community service providers in collaboration with The Center. This is a 2-part training. This is the date for Session 1- Part 2 “Where Does the Medicine Go?” This training is open to all community service providers. REGISTRATION IS REQUIRED.

The Refugee Health Care Partnership is offering Cultural Awareness Training for community service providers in collaboration with The Center. Registration is required. 

You have two opportunities to attend this 2 part Cultural Awareness training. All training dates are below. All training will be offered at The Center, 201 Bleecker St. Utica NY 13501. 

Session 1 
Part 2 Where Does the Medicine Go- Tuesday, March 31st (1pm - 3:15pm) 

Session 2
Part 1 - Where Does the Ketchup Go, Tuesday, April 21st (8:30 - 10:45am)
Part 2 Where Does the Medicine Go, Thursday, May 14th (1pm - 3:15pm)



See below for details about the training session
Do you know where the ketchup goes? Are you an individualist with polychronic time orientation and an indirect communication style? If these questions sound like another language and you CAN NOT answer them you SHOULD attend PART 1 of this 2 PART series. 

Part II: "Where Does the Medicine Go?"
This follow-up training will further explore the concepts developed in Part I: time orientation, group orientation, and communications styles. This session will also focus specifically on accessing medical care, with an activity focused on medication use that incorporates traditional medicines found in ethic markets in Utica.

The training will specifically cover:
1. Challenges when Accessing Care
2. Awareness for home care – bedding, bathroom, diet etc.
3. Traditional medicines or practices of migrant communities
4. Cultural Concepts: Personal Care Preferences, Religious Considerations, Pain Management etc.

*If you have not attended training from The Center before we highly recommend attending both Part 1 and Part 2 of this series. However, attendance at Part 1 is not required in order to sign-up for Part 2. If you only sign-up for Part 2 and are not familiar with the concepts please be aware that the presenter will only do a brief overview of concepts and go right into content.  

Click here for a description about Part I "Where Does the Ketchup Go?"

This training is made available by the Refugee Health Care Partnership through funding from the Central New York Care Collaborative. The Refugee Health Care Partnership includes the Neighborhood Center, Mohawk Valley Health Systems, The Center (formerly the Mohawk Valley Resource Center for Refugees) and Mosaic Health. 

To learn more about the Trainer for this event, Shana Pughe Dean, Training & Translation Manager at The Center click here