Fall 2023 Intern Spotlight

Join us as we say, "Thank you!" to The Center Fall 2023 Intern, Nicole Soret, from Hamilton College. Read the reflections on her experience. 

In the Fall of 2023 we welcomed interns from Hamilton College and Utica University. The Utica University students returned for the Spring 2024 semester and will be highlighted later this spring. Below, in their own words, Nicole Soret, from Hamilton College tells us about herself and reflects on her time at The Center. 

Hi! My name is Nicole Soret, and I am a junior Anthropology major at Hamilton College. At The Center, my internship revolved mostly around tutoring and classroom aid for an ESL beginner-intermediate class. This experience is genuinely one of my favorite things I have ever
done. The students I worked with are wonderful and hard-working and inspire me to be equally as dedicated as they are, even on mornings when I was tired or stressed. I think if you are someone who is interested in working with people from diverse backgrounds and wants to teach and help students learn, The Center is the place for you. I have loved watching the students use what they have learned in the ESL classrooms to communicate and bond with each other when they do not speak the same native languages. They are all compassionate, fun, and silly, and I am
grateful to have been a small part of their lives, as they have no doubt invariably affected mine.

I am also grateful for the dedicated and kind staff of The Center who made me feel welcome despite this being my first time teaching in a classroom.

Thank you to The Center for this experience, to Marutte and Suzanne for teaching me the ropes and inspiring me through their kindness and humor, and to the students whom I had the privilege of working with.

For more information about volunteer and internship opportunities at The Center contact Elise Incze, Volunteer Coordinator, elisei@thecenterutica.org