Looking for WRD Sponsors & Vendors + Documentary Film at MVCC Tonight

Vendor Registration and Sponsorship for 2023 World Refugee Day is now opened! Get excited about this event by attending a screening of the film "Utica: The Last Refuge" at MVCC's Shaffer Theater at 6:00pm tonight!

This year's World Refugee Day will take place on Saturday June 3, 2023 from
12:00 PM - 4:00 PM at Hanna Park in Utica. We are currently seeking Sponsors for this event and welcome any organization that would to be a Vendor. Complete information about the event can be found on the World Refugee Day page. Posters will be available soon!

Film Screening tonight!

Renew your love for Utica and the World Refugee Day event by attending a screening of the renowned documentary film "Utica: The Last Refuge" tonight at Schafer Theater at Mohawk Valley Community College.

Following the film, there will be a Q&A featuring David Chanatry, a producer on the film, Shelly Callahan, the Director of the Center, Tatjana Kulalic a staff member at the Center and a refugee from Bosnia, and Abdelshakour Khamis a staff member at the Center and a refugee from Sudan.

A little bit about the film: "'Utica: The Last Refuge' is a documentary that celebrates Utica’s amazing story as 'The Town That Loves Refugees!' Moments of kindness abound as the film follows the challenges faced by the Azein family from Sudan over their first 2.5 years in their new home. Inspiring and hopeful, the film beautifully details the benefits diversity brings to a struggling rustbelt city. Fortunately for refugees over the past 40 years, Utica has ramped up its embrace of the project that is saving their city: refugee resettlement. If you ever wanted to understand the meaning of community, you’ll find it in Utica: The Last Refuge." For more information, visit Utica: The Last Refuge