Over the Next 2 Weeks The Center is Offering Important Cultural Awareness Programs

The Center is offering two important Cultural Awareness programs in the next two weeks: "Asian American Discrimination & the COVID 19 Pandemic" organized by the Office for New Americans Opportunity Center and "Where Does The Ketchup Go?" an introduction to cultural competency. Both are presented by Shana Pughe Dean, The Center's Cultural Competency Trainer with some special guests. Learn more and register today!

The Center is offering two important cultural awareness programs in the coming weeks. The first, "Asian American Discrimination and the COVID 19 Pandemic" is happening next Wednesday, March 31, at 11:00 AM. This event is a Community Education Workshop organized by The Center's Office for New Americans Opportunity Center commemorating the United Nations week of Solidarity with the Peoples Struggling Against Racism and Racial Discrimination (#Fightracism). The Center's Cultural Competency Trainer, Shana Pughe Dean, will introduce the topic and facilitate the discussion. 

  • - The event is FREE and open to all to join
  • - Registration is required. Click here to REGISTER
  • - Speakers needed! - The Center believes Asian American voices must be included in this program. If you identify as Asian American and would like to speak about this topic from a historical view, as an observer, or share a personal experience please contact Shana Pughe Dean - shanap@thecenterutica.org or 315.738.1083
  • - Learn more
  • - Download the PDF Flyer
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The following week The Center will offer their signature "Where Does the Ketchup Go?", 3-Hour Introduction to Cultural Competency Program. This is a virtual training will many interactive components including the use of breakout rooms, polls, quizzes, and chats! The training will explore different components of culture as they relate to ourselves and other people. The training will focus on three mails goals; introducing what makes culture, exploring concepts of group orientation, time orientation, and communication styles, and learning new skills to navigate language or culture. The Center's Cultural Competency Trainer, Shana Pughe Dean, will be the trainer and facilitator for this training.  

  • - Cost is only $25.00 per person!
  • - Anyone can participate - community members, organization representatives, employers, or students
  • - Click Here to register and pay
  • - Training will be conducted via zoom

We bring over 35 years of cultural and linguistic expertise to our fun and exciting cultural competency and awareness training. We offer this training to all businesses, organizations, and government agencies interested in improving employees’ understanding of different worldviews and guiding employees to become more culturally aware. We are committed to working with you to create welcoming work environments. To schedule a training tailored for your organization contact us today. 

The Office for New American's Opportunity Center at The Center supports New Americans participation in economic and civic life. ONA Opportunity Centers partner with other community-based and government agencies to coordinate and/or host additional programming and support for new American communities. Support services include:

  • - Free legal consultation
  • - English language tutoring 
  • - Citizenship Examine preparation

Contact ONA Opportunity Center Project Coordinator, Alesia Baranava, email:alesiab@thecenterutica.org or call or text (813) 540-3239 to learn more about these services or request assistance.