Art Installation at MVRCR "Weaving a Mural of Refugee Artists"

Patrick Fiore is an artist and native of Utica, NY who has designed and placed a banner at The Center to highlight our community’s refugee artists. The idea for the banner was inspired by his interest in our regions history, culture, and people who have contributed their diverse ancestry to make Utica a unique and wonderful place. 

Patrick’s paintings, displayed previously at MVRCR, Handshake City, and other local locations seek to express the dignity of each individual and symbolize the rainbow of cultures that make us all human. He is establishing a program of support and encouraging the development of their work and artistic practice. Patrick aims to enhance the visibility of refugee artists through public display, community engagement, and creative leadership. His goal is to share their personal voice and initiate professional opportunities for entrepreneurial artists.

This initial banner presents the work of Chambang Mut, a South Sudan photographer born in the village of Maiwut. As a young man, he used his small camera in Africa as an extension of daily life, taking everyday photographs of subjects that interested him. Chambang moved to the city of Malakal as a young adult and came to the United States to pursue his education.

He received his associate's degree from Monroe Community College in Rochester, NY before relocating to Utica where he attended SUNY IT to study Sociology and Anthropology.  Parallel to his studies, his interest in photography was nurtured through a course at The Mohawk Valley Resource Center for Refugees, which confirmed his passion and profession as a photographer.

Chambang calls upon his personal experiences and journey as a refugee to see and reflect life with personal vision and craft. His work documents individual and family events throughout the region as well as commissions in portraiture and visual essay. His work captures the moment with intuition and artistry.

Patrick states, “I look forward to working with refugee artists as they establish their creative voice. We are so fortunate to experience the beauty and variety of cultures blossoming in our community. I am excited to celebrate and encourage opportunities to make visual the history, tradition and stories of all our citizens. We are made richer by their presence and should honor those who have struggled to be here among us. We continue to weave a resilient community that has proven, caring yields growth, adding new fibers creates strength and preserving our long-treasured heritage models our longevity and acceptance for a new generation”.

Patrick Fiore received his BFA from Syracuse University and his MFA from the School of Visual Arts in New York City. Mr. Fiore is Faculty Emeritus, Ringling College of Art and Design, Sarasota, FL where he taught for 29 years.  Patrick has been awarded for his illustrations which have been published nationally, including; The Washington Post, New York Times, Viking Penguin and Dell Books. His art exists in site-specific installations in New York, Utah, and Florida and his paintings have been exhibited throughout the U.S.

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