The Center Receives $7,500 Grant from the Indium Corporation & Macartney Family Foundation

The Center plans to use the grant to support the purchase of 20 new laptop computers for the recently-renovated training center. These laptops will aid in programs run by our Traffic Safety Department, our Office for New Americans, and our Resettlement Department.

The Center would like to thank the Indium Corporation & Macartney Family Foundation for their generous donation to support the purchase of laptop computers that will be used in our recently renovated training center. The training center is intended to be used by several departments/programs of the agency to facilitate computer-based education and vocational training for refugees and immigrants, including the Employment Department, the Traffic Safety Program, our Office for New Americans Department, and our Resettlement Department. In addition, the space is also used by community partners for trainings and meetings. There is a wide range of topics and content provided to refugees and immigrants including, but not limited to, vocational safety training, driver’s permit/license preparation, workplace success, general keyboarding, and general computer skills. The employment department has also administered several safety training sessions that resulted in certifications for refugees, including OSHA 10 in partnership with Mohawk Valley Community College. The training provided to refugees, immigrants and newcomers also positively impacts employability, health literacy, financial literacy, and overall well-being, all considered important social determinants of health.