The Center receives a $12,750 State Farm Good Neighbor Citizenship Grant to Support Financial Literacy Education

The Center will use the grant to establish a comprehensive financial literacy program to support refugees, immigrants, and low-income individuals in accomplishing their financial goals.

The Center would like to thank State Farm for their generous support, given through the State Farm Good Neighbor Citizenship Grant. The grant, which will provide financial literacy education targeting refugees and immigrants, is also open to the general community. The program is intended to provide refugees, immigrants, and/or low-income individuals access to a comprehensive financial literacy curriculum intended to improve financial stability. An additional focus is to provide education to individuals who may be interested in starting a business, which includes the basic financial literacy concepts necessary to successfully start and sustain a business.

 The overall goal of the program is to provide money management and financial skills necessary to achieve financial stability for an individual or family. To complement the financial literacy training, insurance education will also be provided to emphasize the importance of insurance protection in relation to financial stability. Classes are anticipated to begin in late summer and registration information will be posted on The Center’s website.